WordPress Image Gallery Plugins

It is true that WordPress comes with many image gallery plugins. While some may perform better, quite a number are likely to fall short of certain high-end functionalities. That is why this list of 4 WordPress image gallery plugins will be of utmost importance to you.

Foo Gallery

Foo Gallery or FooGallery comes with a capability of displaying galleries in different formats. When installed on your site, the plugin will appear on the top of the dashboard, making it easier for you to Add Gallery whenever you are ready.

It is equipped with three main templates, namely responsive, standard thumbnail, and masonry gallery template.

Some of the Foo Gallery features you may like include custom CSS for albums and galleries, FooBox support, reordering of images (drag and drop function), add videos to your photo galleries, multisite support, settles on an a unique extension framework, and rich text editor visual shortcodes among others.

Photospace Gallery

Photospace is an extension of the photo gallery on WordPress. You can access the gallery on your site’s dashboard displayed on the mid left side. The gallery plugin comes with a link that directs you to the next or previous image, play slideshow image and a download button on the image.

Other features are:

  • Pagination
  • Keyboard control
  • Multiple galleries that appear in form of multiple posts


Gmedia Gallery is a modern image plugin that has witnessed much approval from its users thanks to its functionality. Gmedia compresses many features together, making it many people’s choice. Among its unique qualities is to show an image in its full size while in a lightbox.

However, it has to be properly set in order to perform properly. For instance, images should be in categories, albums, GP media or under tags, for them to be set up on the Gmedia plugin.

Here are some of the plugin’s features:

  • Cover for album
  • Full-page template
  • Comes with filters on image editor
  • Mobile friendly
  • Duplicate image functionality
  • Custom fields (this allows web developers to create gallery modules)•

Easy editing mode and much more

NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN is a popular image gallery plugin WordPress has ever produced. Millions of sites still use this plugin because of its functions. Many of its features come by default. For instance, in case you want to display your images as thumbnails, this plugin will place a link to your gallery, thus displaying them as a slideshow. Additionally, it does the reverse in case you had initially put all your images in a slideshow.

Perhaps, you are using a plugin that is not mentioned here and believe it is worth it, share it with other readers.