The Future of Web Design Is Content Management!

The popularity of web development has increased considerably over the last 5 years. Many new design concepts, code standards, and technological advances have occurred in a short period of time. With that, so does having the knowledge and demand for a better, more self-contained and functional web design package.

More and more we are starting to see a shift in consumer demand for the increasingly popular website content management systems.

Most website owners are casual business entrepreneurs who don’t have the time to chase down their web design company for a few minor updates that usually cost a fortune. Updates for the website are becoming increasingly necessary. It is now a reality and a trend that in order to make anything happen with your website online, you have to keep things up-to-date and create new content to keep visitors coming back.

As entrepreneurs, we all get new creative ideas almost every day on how to improve our product or service. Without the ability to update our own website, those new and fresh ideas may not come true for very long.

Website Content Management Systems Are the Future:

This is a kind of calling for all web design companies. If you can’t offer content management to your clients, you may fall behind in a few years. The more affordable content management is, the more demand it is. Without giving your prospect this important option, you might lose most of your potential clients to the next web design company that has a fully automated system that states: “all the customer has to do is get in and get started.”

Indeed, there will always be a need for web designers. That’s an understatement but with content management options, you can also reduce the amount of work required to put into each project and concentrate more on marketing your business and its services.

Content Management Gives Consumers the Freedom They Need!

Without providing too much freedom that can make a website look bad, there is a high demand for the ability to update a website when it’s needed, not when it’s convenient. People like to have the power to run their own company, content management gives them the freedom they need to develop on their own terms, at no extra cost.

The Following Are Typical “CMS” Features:

– Add / delete / edit pages.
– Update the content in every page.
– Add pictures if needed.
– Update contact information.
– Show updated listings (ie, Real estate listings, Mortgage rates)
– Add new tips to their industry every day (blogging seeds).
+ Many additional features not listed here.

Take Real Estate Industry Example:

In the last 2 years, “Real Estate Content Management Systems” have sprung up everywhere we look. I remember reviewing over 50 websites offering this style of service. And why not! Real estate agents as a whole spend a lot of money marketing themselves. In just the last few years, real estate agents have seen more value in online marketing than through regular print media. Many real estate agents I know would rather spend $ 4,000 on a website than spend $ 4,000 getting listed in a local phone book.

The conclusion:

If you offer web design services and have a Content Management System (CMS) available to your visitors, then this might be a good time to consider this growing, popular service for your company. You won’t regret trying to develop your own system and market it. There is a shifting demand for this ever-popular online freedom.

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