Web Design

What is a Web Designer?

Are you both creative and technically inclined? You may want to consider a career as a web designer!

Web designers build or redesign websites. They understand what it takes to make a website work and easy to use, but also understand what it takes to make it aesthetically pleasing to users.

Web design is a fast growing industry, as digital media has become a part of everyone’s life and people rely on the web for communication, information, shopping, social life and much more.

What do Web Designers do?

The main task of a web designer is obviously designing web pages. However, there are many things to consider in the design process.

Web designers create the visual aspects of a website. They meet with clients, online or in person, to get a clear picture of the message that needs to be displayed on the website. Once the details are determined, they create a layout, design, and features that showcase the client service in a way that is attractive to the target audience.

The aesthetic aspect is an important aspect and choosing appropriate colors, fonts, layouts and images creates the overall personality of the website. Apart from considering the aesthetic aspect, the usability of the website must also be a priority – it is important to create pages that can be easily used by the target market.

For example, a website aimed at children needs to grab the child’s attention, and may use bright colors, easy-to-read fonts, lots of pictures, and not too much text. This will make it fun, interactive, and easy to understand. On the other hand, websites aimed at doctors will convey a more serious tone, as well as muted colors, more professional fonts, more content, and images relevant to the topic at hand.

All websites, regardless of the viewer, should remain easy to navigate, and their information organized in an easy to understand and accessible format. There shouldn’t be too many clicks required to open any part of the website.

What is the Web Designer workplace like?

A web designer’s workplace will depend on the particular type of company the designer works for. Web design companies tend to be run by creative people and usually have a contemporary approach to office space, often offering open concept offices where ideas and inspiration can be shared. These types of workplaces tend to have a casual dress code. Working from home is also acceptable and flexible working hours are sometimes offered.

Large companies that rely on their web presence for the majority of their business probably have in-house web designers and these kinds of workplaces tend to be a little more traditional.

Many web designers do freelance work and work from home. Their headquarters will be fully organized according to their choice, although they may have to prepare to travel to consult with clients. This option provides a lot of freedom when it comes to working hours and location, and is a great option.